Q? Who are the Claretian Missionaries?
The Claretians are a Roman Catholic religious community of priests and brothers. We are dedicated to the mission of living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus. Our ministries take us to over 60 countries around the world, where 3,000 of us live and serve. Our publishing ministry is thriving in 12 countries.

Q? Who founded the Claretians? When was it founded?
Our founder is St. Anthony Mary Claret. He was born in Vic Spain in 1807. He founded the community in 1849. He was canonized as a saint in 1950.

Q? How large is your community in the United States and Canada? and in the world?
Our province now includes the United States and Canada. We have about 115 members (100 in the US and 15 in Canada). In the United States we serve in Arizona, California, Georgia Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, and Texas; in Canada we are in Quebec and Ontario. Worldwide we have 3,000 members in over 65 countries on five continents.

Q? How many students do you have at this time?
Our province has 8 students at this time, 2 of whom are novices. They range in ages from 26 to early 40's. They come from the United States and Cameroon. We also have 2 deacons at this time preparing for ordination this summer.

Q? Where do students in formation live?
Our house of studies, the formation house, is in Chicago. Our novitiate is also in Chicago.

Q? What is the main focus of your order?
Claretians are called to be missionaries. We are called to be servants of the Word or evangelizers. As missionaries we are called to use all means possible to bring the Good News of God's love to the world, especially to the poor. We are called to evangelize and be servants of the Word of God responding to the most urgent needs in the most timely and effective manner possible. In our province this means working with immigrants, with youth both in the inner city as well on the university campus, with families, inner city parish work, publications, and foreign missions. We serve both in this country and in other countries. Our province has missions in Mexico and also in Jamaica. We are also a universal congregation and are available to go to any of our other missions.

Q? Do you live individually or in community?
Claretians live in community and gather in community for mission. There are always three or more Claretians living together. I am part of St. Paul's Community. There are three other priests who live at St. Paul's. I live in Casa Claret, which is across the street, and live in a community of eleven students. The students are in their early twenties. They all are studying and also work.

Q? What would you say to a young person about religious life?
Religious life is worth it. It is worth it to dedicate your life in this way to God and the world. It is one place to pursue your dreams with passion and commitment and be on a journey centered in God to transform the world. We do this in community with a shared mission to bring God's love to others especially the poor.

Q? What does "missionary" mean?
The Claretians have a missionary style of ministry. This means that we are ready to go wherever the need is most urgent, which takes us to foreign countries, the inner city, the university, and parishes. We are committed to seeing the world through the eyes of the poor, and to respond using all means possible to care for the spiritual and material needs of others.

Q? What are the most urgent needs the Claretians have identified?
Our experience has led us to focus our service on the needs of youth, immigrants, and families. Claretian ministries bring hope through the sacraments, education, medical assistance, and spiritual counsel.

Q? Why are the Claretians involved in publishing?
The Claretians consider the work we doat Claretian Publications a ministry like any other work we do. The roots of our publishing ministry come from our founder, Saint Anthony Claret, who published and distributed hundreds of books and pamphlets of his own early in the 19th century. He came to be called the “Modern Apostle of the Good Press.” Out of Claret's zeal to spread the word through writing and publishing, Claretians today are imbued with their own zeal for that ministry in the United States, Brazil, Spain, the Philippines, India, Argentina, and Central America. The mission is always to nurture spirituality and encourage a continuing conversation about faith as it affects and is played out in our lives.

Q? How can I help the Claretians?
The Claretians ask you to remember us in your prayers, especially those we minister to and with. We will remember you in our prayers as well. Your prayers and sacrifices help us bring Christ to the poor, who, like many of us, struggle to provide for their families' daily needs. If you are interested in sharing a financial gift with the Claretians, click here or write to info@claretians.org; or call 312-236-7782.

Q? Tell me more about becoming a Claretian.
The path to the priest or brotherhood is one of discernment and discovery. Let us join you wherever you may be on that journey. Contact Claretian Vocation Promoter Ray Smith, at vocation@claretianvocation.org, or call 818-825-0839.
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