Discernment With Us

How can we know what God wants of us?  Many hope for a moment like St Peter, who was approached by Jesus and others long for the call of St Paul who got knocked off his horse, but in our world today God’s moves hearts in a much more different and quieter way. 
Learning how to understand if God is calling you comes through a process called discernment, where one grows in openness and obedience to God’s stirrings in our hearts.  This is a process that takes time but is made easier with the help of our vocation director and your spiritual director. 
For our part, we will offer you four opportunities to help you come to understand more deeply what God is asking of you.
The discernment process begins and is best supported through a process of accompaniment, where one of our vocation directors will walk with you, on a regular basis, to help you reflect on the feelings, insights, dreams, and challenges that you are experiencing.  We will encourage you to try a variety of ministry experiences and prayer styles to help you grow in your God-given call and give you a chance to ask questions whenever they arise.
Second, we offer Come and See Retreat weekends.  In these weekends you will join other young men (18-40) like yourself to pray and reflect on your call.  We will join local Claretian communities and share about our religious and missionary life, our history, and our charism to evangelize. 

A third opportunity we offer is the Deeper Waters Retreat,  For those who have already made their Come and See experience and who are interested to explore their call and our charism more deeply we will offer a weekend to reflect on the different ministries of the Church, the religious vows, and the missionary identity. 
A final opportunity for those who would like a more intense opportunity to try out our life is to join us for the Summer Ministry Discernment Program.  The program generally runs the month of July where young men (18-40) will come together and get the chance to live the life of a Claretian in formation.  As they live in community, they will share meals, ministry opportunities (rooted in our Claretian values), prayer, house responsibilities, and participate in reflections/discussions on Claretian/missionary spirituality. 

These programs are without cost, but we do ask participants to have a sincere interest to join us.

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