“Our house was like a beehive, with everyone coming and going at my request, and all of them quite content and happy. Outsiders were always amazed at the sight of it and praised God for it. I often wondered how it was possible for so much peace, joy, and harmony to reign for so long a time among such a large group. This is a singular grace God has given us in his infinite mercy and kindness. I knew that God was blessing the efforts we were putting forth when He gave us such a special grace.” - Saint Anthony Claret

Community is an integral part of Claretian life as Claretians both live together in community and gather in community for mission. Claretian communities, which are maintained at Claretian parishes and formation sites, house at least three Claretians and sometimes many more. Within each community the Claretians share daily prayer, meals, and meal preparation. Each Claretian has his own mission on which to concentrate during the day, but coming together in community each night allows the men to gather in a friendship that supports the different paths each travels.
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